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    2021 Hot Versatile Neck New Mini Air Cleaner Ionizer Portable Personal Wearable Necklace Air Purifier

    · Release a safe amount (≤0.05ppm)of ozone&kill viruses and harmful bacteria;
    · Release 5,300,000pcs/cm3 negative ions,can freshen the air, effectively remove pollen, particulate matter and formaldehyde. · When open the device,the buttons need to be keep about 0.5 seconds.And there four working states. The blue LED light is the maximum gear, the warm LED light is the normal gear, the purple LED light is the minimum gear, and the three lights are off to stop working ;
    Specifications:Net weight: ≤53g. USB charging port input: voltage 5V, current <0.33A;
    Built-in battery parameters: 3.7V / 500mA polymer lithium battery;

    Battery power supply time:> 16 hours; Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC

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