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Take Better Travel Photos with LIEQI Phone Camera Lens Kits

* Source: LIEQI lens * By: Mandy * Date: 2019-01-26 14:51:00 * Page Views: 867
There's one important factor to look for in a smartphone lens.
One of the effects the rise of social media has had on the way we travel is that we've become a lot more focused on the images we take and post on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Even if you're not looking to rack up likes and new followers, you'd probably still want to share an image that’s visually appealing and that shows how beautiful your surroundings are.

And while DSLR cameras have become increasingly affordable, they are still bulky and heavy. Plus, they do require a certain level of technical photography skills such as figuring out the best exposure/aperture/shutter speed combination for every shot. The simple truth is that snapping a photo with your smartphone is much faster and easier, and this is what most travelers use.

So if you are looking to up your picture-taking game, smartphone lens kits are here to help you.
LIEQI Smartphone lens kits usually include multiple lenses that will help you take better photos in different situations: a wide-angle lens is for landscapes, a micro lens for close-up shots, and a fisheye lens which distorts the photo in a spherical way.

Ultimately, a good quality lens will result in minimum vignetting and distortion around the edges of your shots.