F-5G Five Head LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

50W,80PCS Leds,9 Brightness Remote



Voltage:DC 5V

Number of LED beads:100pcs

Material of lamp body:aluminium alloy+pc

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Outdoors, even in the shade, light is bouncing from all angles — from 360 degrees around and from the 180 degree arc above in the sky.When a plant is indoors, light usually only comes from one source, like your sunny window, massively reducing the angles light is bouncing off from, and the amount of light and vital photons a plant needs. When we bring a plant indoors, we literally invoke something called led grow lights .

 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants & Seed Starting , Full Spectrum 3 Head,9 Dimmable Levels with Auto On/Off 3 Modes Timing Function(3/9/12H Timer)

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