The most cost-effective smartphone lenses brand

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Smartphones have come a long way since their humble beginnings, and so have their cameras. That being said, Instagram filters and native editing tools aren‘t always enough to transform mobile photos into true works of art. For this, you might need a smartphone camera lens.

Smartphone camera lenses can go beyond what you get with a traditional phone camera. For example, they can capture shots in fisheye, or hone in on the tiny details of a subject — some which may be naked to the eye (and a standard smartphone camera lens). They come in all shapes and sizes, and many companies manufacture them.

Which is the most cost-effective smartphone lenses brand?——LIEQI LENS.

LIEQI makes products for a few categories, including lens kit, wide angle lens, fish eye lens, macro shooting lens, selfie flash light lens, telescope lens and other more than ten kinds of lens. All products are priced below $30. By the way the phone camera lens of LIEQI passed the CQC and ISO9000, ROHS, the European Union SEDEX 4P inspection certification, quality assurance.

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