Are Smartphone Camera lenses Worthing Buying?

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  Between the latest Samsung, Google, and Apple phones, there are some excellent smartphone cameras available to shutterbugs. And it’s pretty much a guarantee that the next time you upgrade, your smartphone camera will come with great features. So why should you consider adding a lens?

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   Your Smartphone Camera Has Limitations.
   One of the key reasons you should be considering a smartphone camera lens is that there are certain limitations your phone just can’t get over, no matter how hard it tries:

   When it comes to hardware, your phone has a tiny lens, and it’s only going to let in so much light.

The biggest advance in phone cameras isn’t coming through optics. It’s being brought to you by software. Computational photography uses software to process your phone’s images and exceed the native capabilities of the optics. You can see this in action on your phone when you take a panorama photo, use HDR, or use portrait mode on your phone. And of course, these features aren’t perfect.

Most phones only have digital zoom, and if you take your photography seriously, you l never use it. Digital zoom doesn’t tinker with your camera’s optics, instead it just scales up the picture. You'll end up with a pixelated image that isn’t that different had you taken the photo without zoom and just cropped it.

Telephoto: Rather than rely on your phone's digital zoom feature, opt for a telephoto lens instead and catch those moments from a distance but with a crisp, clean photo.

   Wide Angle: A jack of all trades, a wide angle lens will come in handy with street or landscape photography, is great for food photography, and more.

   Macro: Your phone might have a macro option in the camera, but a macro lens will give you far more detail or texture.

   Fisheye: You can also get creative if you go for something like a fisheye lens. There are apps that claim to offer that kind of functionality, but let’s be honest, they’re just manipulations that will never look true to an actual fisheye lens.

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