How to choose a good ring light for Tik Tok?

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“Instagram”、”Youtube”、”Tik Tok” These words, I believe many people have heard, in this era of national live broadcast, choose a good led ring light, become the key to a popular anchor anchor? What is the rounded light of the vibrato? Which is better for the vibrato fill light? Which is better for the vibrato short video fill light? How to choose the vibrating fill light? In fact, the threshold of the live broadcast industry is not high, in addition to your courage to express yourself, you have to carry out a certain "beauty packaging" for yourself. Have you heard of "have less light and powder"?

How to be beautiful? It is not enough to have a beauty filter. You have to be honoured!!! The live broadcast light with the highest usage rate in the live broadcast industry is not the “Portrait Anchor Live Vibrating Light”. The ring light with the beauty fill light can easily make the mature age sister become a cute girl. Today, Hunting Xiaobian recommended to everyone a high-value, good function LED ring light - F-539.

96 psc Led  beads

270 degree rotation

Live broadcast

Although there are many brands of live light, the quality is uneven, so it is good to choose a big brand manufacturer. Hunting Buguang Light is a manufacturer with many years of professional film and television equipment research and development. Our live broadcast lamps are favored and praised by photographers for their high quality, high cost performance and considerate after-sales service. Welcome calls, come to the factory to negotiate, place an order.

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