1、 Precautions for return and replacement:
①Please ensure the integrity of the returned goods and gifts, that is, the goods and gifts shall maintain the original quality, function, goods themselves, accessories, trademark marks, hangtags and packaging. Please return the whole set of goods.
②When returning the goods, please return the goods themselves, tags, accessories, gifts, and the packaging of goods and gifts (excluding cartons and express bags).

2、 Return and exchange processing:
①On the premise of complying with the return and exchange policy, if you are dissatisfied with the goods (whether due to quality problems or non quality problems), you must apply for return and exchange within 7 days (applicable to reduced price goods and regular price goods) from the date of signing for the goods (subject to the date of signing for express delivery), and we will provide unreasonable return and exchange services.
②Please check whether the goods are in good condition (take photos or video to retain evidence) after receiving the goods.
③Return and exchange expenses (including freight) shall be handled in the following ways:
A: For the return and replacement of goods not caused by quality problems, the return and replacement expenses will be borne by you.
B: For the return and exchange of goods due to quality problems, we will bear all the return and exchange expenses.
④ Please note that the following situations do not belong to commodity quality problems:
A: There may be some color difference between photos and real objects due to different lighting, color difference of computer display, or personal understanding of color. This is not a commodity quality problem.
B: The size parameters provided on the product details page are measured manually for your reference only; Due to manual measurement, different batches or personal measurement methods and standards, it may be slightly different from your measurement results.

3、 Return query
①If you have any questions about the return and exchange of goods, please call the after-sales hotline: 008618929519040 ,WeChat ID: lieqilens